In this on-demand webinar we focus on our customer KPM Berlin's 258-year long journey all the way from bricks and mortar store to ecommerce excellence. The longstanding tradition is now embracing the latest ecommerce trends in order to deliver fantastic digital experience to customers.  


Having started off at a basecamp and bridging technical gaps along the way, our joint efforts have been leading us to a thorough digital transformation with the aim of achieving ecommerce excellence at the top. Learn more about the ongoing commerce journey of one of the oldest German luxury brands. KPM have shared their learnings and the motivation behind the upcoming project while Styla and our partners BigCommerce and digital agency Overdose have told us more about their role in KPM Berlin's goal realization.

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What you'll learn:

- Best practices to adapt to changes: From the beginnings, over a ‘little tech zoo’ to a well-composed headless architecture

- How to win with headless and acquire full “frontend freedom”- speed, search ranking and agility!

- Why and how in 2021 digital experiences are still a major driver for conversions