Increase online sales while creating digital customer experiences? The fashion brand Kenny S. shows how it's done. With storytelling and a revenue-generating blog, Kenny S. managed to significantly improve the brand image and conversions within a few months. 


In this case study you will learn, how Kenny S.

  • achieved a 40% increase in sales
  • minimised the bounce rate by 10%
  • increased the number of users by 40% 


„We at Kenny S. love our Styla blog. Together with our editorial team THE SUPERDESK from the agency Public Images, we passionately create great consulting tips and outfit ideas, which we tell with likeable stories. This way, we create a very special experience around our Kenny S. brand and this is very noticeable in our online shop. Besides, we can also enrich our digital marketing for social media channels. Our fans and the many new customers we were able to win over perceive us more emotionally and in a more versatile way because we share our lifestyle world with them. This is how we create real proximity to the Kenny S brand.“

Tatjana Türke | Head of Design bei Kenny S.